Our Signature Solution

Our Signature Solutions
We are committed to delivering a top-notch service using only the most reliable products. The results speak for itself. If you understand the importance of quality without compromising, then we welcome you to the ‘STE’ family.
1  Ceramic Coating
STE Auto Detailing takes pride in using the cutting-edge nanotechnology to give the best protection to your cars. Our nano-ceramic coating offers prolonged protection, keeping the style quotient intact for car exterior and interior surface.
2  Car Polish
Scratches, swirl marks, contaminants from the road and the weather can all take a toll on the appearance of a vehicle. Our exterior detailing services will carefully clean, restore, and polish the exterior of your ride; making it bright and shiny again.
3  Interior Cleaning
Over time, the interior of a vehicle can pick up all kinds of grime, dirt, grease and other contaminants. Our expert technicians will meticulously clean the interior of your vehicle, removing build-up and restore it to its former glory, be it fabric or leather.
4  Antimicrobial
Our antibacterial system is a combination of technology from Japan and America containing thousands of nano-sized cleaning particles. It kills bacteria, mold and fungi that can affect your health and driving comfort. A certified solution used in hospitals, kindergartens, school busses etc.
5  Paint Protection Film
Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) uses a patented technology to infuse penetrating protection deep into the base urethane film. Our PPF solution is more conformable and resistant to yellowing and cracking than any film currently on the market.
6  Window Film
Our tint is designed to strengthen and protect vulnerable windows, doors and more to preserve the attractive appearance of your ride. Our film is engineered for strength with a heavy-duty polyester that bonds well on to glass surfaces using approved adhesives.

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